Hello, my names James White.
22 year old student at camberwell studying illustration.

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I don’t make personal posts very often at all, I try to avoid them the best I can as it clogs up my blog a bit. But I think its fair to explain why I haven’t uploaded anything in a while.
I don’t know if its a common thing amongst creative types like sculptors, photographers, designers, illustrators etc. But lately I’ve felt the fear of ‘not being good enough’. It really gets in the way of work; it makes you spend hours watching stupid TV series’ and playing games on Steam, and no amount of time is spent working in a sketchbook like you should be. I wouldn’t describe it as laziness but it definitely feels like laziness, and the more you beat yourself up about it the less you want to do work. you have a deep fear of ‘would I ever have a job in this, am I even good at this, why am I even bothering?’
Its difficult to get past that, and every time you feel a break through something small happens that pushes you back to square one and you realise that you still aren’t good enough. The small thing could be rejection from jobs, not selling any pieces, a bad grade, or even just a paranoid thought. What I hate is that I feel this constant voice telling me to do some work, and I know I really should do it… but I compromise with myself and say ‘one more episode of south park’ or ‘just one more game of Team Fortress’.
At the end of the day I’ve done nothing and I tell myself ‘tomorrow morning you’re going to draw something.’ But you can guess how that turns out.
Eventually if I ever do draw something whilst in this mood, I just stop trying. I make lazy drawings and half-assed attempts to atleast feel like I’ve done some work but if anything it makes it worse, because then people can see how lazy I’ve been.
I don’t know why this fear is there and I don’t know why I get it, I don’t know why I stop working when I do get it and I really don’t know how to get rid of it! I see some truly beautiful pieces of work on Tumblr, and I get so jealous and depressed about it because I want to be that good. What depresses me is that its my own fault I’m not that good because I haven’t made the effort and again, I return to playing games. 
Anyway, that’s why I haven’t uploaded much in a while. I hope you understand and it does feel good to vent it even if no one does read it, or l might lose a few followers. I have some truly loyal followers who are patient, understanding and very friendly so its them that I’m apologising to. If any feel the need to unfollow me after this well… numbers don’t matter that much. That’s something I need to obsess about a lot less.

nesteatea said: This is a tumblr hug :) Pass it on to at least 10 of your favorite followers and remember don’t break the chain (◕‿◕✿)

thanks nesteatea, but im a miserable sod so i’m going to keep all the hugs for myself.
im joking, i dont have 10 favourite followers. i have (above 1000, below 10000) favourite followers! :)
everyone gets a hug.

I’ve been decorating plates! #art #illustration
Who do I draw next? I seem to be having a phase at the moment where I want to draw 80’s (some may be early 90’s/late 70’s) action heroes.Next up is one of these fellas, but I can’t decide which…1. Ash Williams from Evil Dead + Army of Darkness2. Snake Plissken from Escape From New York3. Rambo from… Rambo4. Judge Dredd from… uhh… Judge DreddAlso, it most likely won’t be up on Tumblr for 1-2 weeks from now as I’m going to stay with my parents for a while (free food and stuff). But Don’t worry, it’ll appear eventually, and if there’s anything I’ve learnt from Tumblr its that I have some very loyal and patient followers :)

is anyone else getting really pissed off at the new sidebar thing?
sheeeeeeeeittt. if i wanted to check out a blog i can just click the link, dont give me a preview.

"This is Ripley, last survivor of the Nostromo, signing off."
Hasta la vista, Baby.
Robocop, who is he?Dead or alive, you’re coming with me.
If you’ve ever wanted to see the sights of Peckham without having to travel there, I highly recommend this zine by Ella McLean. There are a few familiar sights and it definitely makes Peckham’s high street look a lot cleaner!Also this is my new house I’m living in.
Veeeeeeeeeeeerrry dystopian
My works gotten very dystopian lately l: WIP
Climbing some rickety-ass stairsWIP