Hello, my names James White.
21 year old student at camberwell studying illustration.
My favourite colour is orange, at the moment it is anyway.
My favourite animal is a fox.

Check out this lamo:
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Come down to bring lane and buy my art!
I’ll be selling these too! On Sunday I’ll be at the Sunday Upmarket in Brick Lane. Keep an eye out for me if you’re going!
Hoping to sell these at the next Sunday Upmarket in brick lane!
Redoing everything… Giving the crocodile goddess some booty
Little Calvin the lemon tree is growing!
playin a bit of senet
prrreeetty sure this is my picture books main character now
still working on the story book!
working on a childrens book. this is likely to be page 1. or atleast something that looks like this
Happy Chinese New Year!